How To Use The Barchamped Social Drinking App

How To Use The Barchamped Social Drinking App

It’s time to bring social drinking into the 21st century. After a year of being cooped up inside, the team at Barchamped went to work designing an application that would make connecting with others, sharing gifts, and enjoying the local bar scene much easier. Using our app, you can expand your drinking circle, send gifts to friends, find new and exciting places to hang out, and enjoy a fun night out on the town. Our app combines a variety of social features along with the ability to find locally owned bars, clubs, and other exciting venues. 

Stay Connected To Your City & Your Friends

Our goal at Barchamped is to make it even easier for friends to plan a night out. Instead of having to switch through multiple apps to find a restaurant, chat with your friends, get directions, look at menus, etc. All of it is now in one place. With our app you can start a group conversation with other Barchamped members while also being able to look up local restaurants, breweries, bars and more. Creating a virtual chat room is easy when you and your friends all have the app. Plus you don’t have to worry about annoying anyone in your work or friend group chat who isn’t coming out tonight and really wishes their phone would stop buzzing. With our map you can find the perfect location that is accessible to you and your friends with location sharing and GPS features. 

Plan Your Next Hangout With Your Friends

With the Barchamped app, planning a night out is easier than ever before. You can quickly make an event and share it with your friends so that they can RSVP. For the first time ever, an event planner, a social messaging app, and a business finding app are all in the same place. Planning and sharing events is quick and easy so you can get to enjoying your time with friends and family at your favorite places in your city. 

Send & Receive Gifts Using Our App

Do you love Stump Trivia, drinking games, or are you just a competitive person by nature? You can use our app to  send and receive gifts  by exchanging monetary credits and virtual drinks with your friends. So whether you are looking to split the bill, making prop bets with your friends, or rewarding the trivia master at your table, the idea of hanging out with friends just became a bit more exciting.

Expand Your Drinking Circle

One of the best parts of going out to the bar is meeting new people. Through the Barchamped app you can meet other members, and make new friends at your favorite bars and clubs. Through our “lounge rooms” you can chat with old friends, or with new friends. You can even find out what other Barchamped members are at the bar you are currently in. 

Enabling Private Mode

Of course we understand that not everyone wants to be seen on the map, by enabling “private mode” you are free to use the app with absolute anonymity.