Will We Need Vaccine Passports?

The vaccine rollout has been increasing state to state since the vaccines were authorized at the end of 2020. With three different authorized vaccines, millions of Americans have received two doses or one dose of either the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine. One of the biggest motivations for many younger people to get the vaccine is to finally put this pandemic behind us. For the last year and a half, many forms of travel, public spaces, and events have required individuals to produce negative COVID-19 test results. With the new vaccine, many hope that their vaccination card will act as a pseudo passport or license allowing them more access to travel and events. 

How Would A Vaccine Passport Work?  

As of right now the CDC is providing paper record cards nationwide. The record card indicates which vaccine was received, the date(s) of the dose(s), and where the vaccine was received. Many hope that this card will allow individuals to travel nationally & internationally as well as attend concerts, sporting events, and other establishments. Depending on where you live many bars and restaurants have been using thermometers to check the temperature of each guest upon entry. Many people hope that their record card will allow them to skip these precautions as well. It appears that many states are considering treating these record cards as a replacement for the need for negative COVID-19 tests. This means vaccinated individuals will be back in movie theaters, stadiums, and more in the coming months. 

New York City’s Digital Vaccine Passport

Due to population, New York City has had some of the strictest COVID-19 restrictions in place. In fact many cities in the northeast have followed NYC’s practices when trying to lower cases in their metro area. NYC has already launched a vaccine passport that can be added to mobile devices. Using data from NYC vaccine centers, an individual can download their passport to their digital wallet two weeks after their final dose. NYC has indicated that this passport will allow entry to stadiums like the Yankees stadium or the Barclays center for games and concerts. Additionally many businesses may use this system as a method of ensuring that individuals are safe for indoor dining and other activities. Depending on the success of this project, it is likely other cities will follow suit and make getting a vaccine passport even easier. 

What Do You Think About The Vaccine Passport? 

Here at Barchamped we value our community’s opinions. Polls have shown that many people have different reasons for why they are excited to get vaccinated. For some it is a matter of safety for them and their families or it means getting to visit and interact with people that they have been unable to see for months. And for others, it is the light at the end of the tunnel. Let us know what you think about getting your own vaccination record card and how it will affect your decisions in regards to going out to eat, going to events, and more.

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